Tornado in Marshalltown, Howard Hammond, I-35 Flyover Ramp

We started off the show with a roundup of regional news gathered by Dennis Hart which leads to an update of the tornado damage in Marshalltown.

We heard an interview from Dennis and Paul Weirson with Marshalltown Mayor Greer. The interview included updates about the damage and trying to move forward.

Afterwards, there was a tribute to Howard Hammond, who passed away last week. Paul interviewed Louis, a close friend of Howard, about his life. After the interview, we heard an old recording of Paul and Howard from 2015.

Finally, Jackie Norman interviewed Scott Dockstader, the District 1 Engineer for Iowa. Scott explained the complications and delays with the I-35 flyover ramp and bridge, as well as the process of moving forward with the project.


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Originally broadcast 08/01/2018
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