Conservation Learning Group, Inclusive Organizations

The show started with Iowa news from Dennis Hart. Then host, Gale Seiler, shared a tribute to B.J. Furgurson and Aretha Franklin, two influential African American women who passed away last week.

Jacqueline Comito and Mark Licht joined us to tell about a new initiative at ISU called the Conservation Learning Group. This will be a think tank dedicated to addressing conservation and environmental challenges.

We also heard about an upcoming event, the Symposium on Building Inclusive Organizations, from Andrea Hammes Dodge from the Ames Chamber of Commerce and Vanessa Baker-Latimer, who is with the City of Ames. This half-day event on October 31, 2018 will provide practical strategies towards building more inclusive workplaces in Ames and Story County.


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Originally broadcast 08/20/2018
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