Climate Mobilization, Rodeos, Monarchs, Deer and Squirrels

Dennis Hart provides local news of the past week from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Ames residents Erwin Klaas and Mary Richards, who organize The Climate Circle, invite you to a local workshop being planned for the national day of action: Rise For Climate on September 8th. Local residents are invited to hear speakers and discuss how to bring about local actions that significantly addresses "climate emergency." The workshop/forum will be held on September 8 from 1-4 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1015 Hyland Ave in Ames.

The national organization Climate Mobilization has been supporting local efforts; Nichol Harris Director of from Climate Mobilization speaks to us from New York City about how Ames' efforts connect with national initiatives.

New Local Talk reporter Tami Kuhn describes the rodeo in Nevada.

As monarchs currently gather to migrate to Mexico Stephanie Shepherd, from the Department of Natural Resources, explains the story of Monarchs and their heroic journey.

Hosts Dennis Hart and Ursula Ruedenberg kick off their new feature: "The Wild Ones" - stories of encounters with wild animals in daily life. We talked about deer and squirrels we know, but we want your stories. Send them to khoiradio@gmail and we'll read them on the air.


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Originally broadcast 08/31/2018
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