Rise for Climate Action in Ames, Emergency Preparedness Month

Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa in the news during the past week.

Saturday, September 8th was a global day of action:  Rise For Climate, Jobs, and Justice. In Ames, concerned citizens organized a meeting to brainstorm local actions that can be taken to address the climate crisis. Erv Klaas, ISU Professor Emeritus in Animal Ecology Mary Richards, lawyer and former Story County Attorney,  reported on the meeting and ideas that were generated. There was a decision to form an advocacy group to work with local public representatives on the city and county levels, to address climate change, The newly formed group will meet on October 8 at 7 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 1015 N Hyland Ave. New participants are welcome to join in the meeting.  For information, contact Rev Klaas at ervklaas50010@yahoo.com or at 515-233-3327. 
Keith Morgan, Story County Emergency Management Coordinator talks about emergency preparedness, this being Emergency preparedness awareness month. 

FEMA training:  https://community.fema.gov/until-help-arrives#interactive.


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Originally broadcast 09/10/2018
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