Moonlight Express, Ames Male Heroes in Social Service, Future Discussions About Assault in Ames

A rundown of Iowa in the news during last week. 

Barbara Neal, Assistant Director for Operations for Cyride, explains that their Moonlight Express is a free transportation service provided by Cyride on Friday and Saturday nights, including "door-to-door" service. Schedules are available on line

In the wake of Arizona Jeff Flake's unexpected departure from expectations of his colleagues, show host Ursula Ruedenberg relates the stories of  three men who stepped out of the box in the 1970's to confront sexual misconduct and create conditions that allowed Ames to develop the rape crisis center that today is ACCESS., including a behind-the-scene in interview with Annette Ruedenberg about how changed happened.

Mayor John Haila and City Councilwoman at Large Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen describe discussions that have occurred in Ames city government about addressing assault in the wake of the murder of Celia Barquin Arozamena, and what discussions may ensue into the future.


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Originally broadcast 10/01/2018
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