Senator Sanders, Governor Reynolds, Facts About Voting

Dennis Hart gives a roundup of local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at the ISU Student Union to support candidate JD Scholten for the US House and candidate for Iowa Secretary of State, Deidre DeJear. Excerpts from his speech are heard on this Local Talk.

Governor Kim Reynolds held a rally at Nelson Electric in Ames, together with other Republicans such as Iowa Secretary of State Mike Naig and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg. Reynolds' speech is heard on this Local Talk.

Carolyn Klaus from the Ames League of Women Voters talks discusses the ins and outs of voting, while Taylor Blair, president of ISU college Democrats, discusses student registration and voting. They are hosted by Carolyn Myers from Ames Progressive Alliance.


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Originally broadcast 10/26/2018
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