FFA, Prudenterra,Colo Library

Following the monthly Story County Report by Leanne Harter, we spoke with Brad Taylor, the teacher of Roland Story Agricultural Education, (which sponsors the student organization FFA- Future Farmers of America) a program which has steadily increased in size and community service even as the number of farms decreased.  Our next guests were Luke Gran, Amy Zabrodsky, and Peter Englund from Prudenterra, an organization dedicated to restoring Iowa's ecosystems.  They just finished an amazing day with a class of first-graders of Nevada Central Elementary.  Finally we visited Joanie Jamison, library director at the Colo Public Library. She gave is an account of how the library has creatively adapted to the changes in technology and library usage, and how it augments services of the Colo Nesco Schools.


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Originally broadcast 11/14/2018
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