Farmers Union, Christian giving, and Hanukah

Kriness.  In addition to more general topics at The Iowa Farmers Union Convention last weekend president Aaron Lehman, emphasized how the Farm Bill being drawn up in the Senate can affect the ongoing funding,or the Conservation Reserve Program, which pays farmers to keep marginal land out of cultivation so that it can be used for habitat and prevention of soil erosion.  These are the very programs that are most effective in nutrient reduction and in preventing flooding.  Without the ongoing supports, many of these "set-asides" will be lost.   Leaving the farm, we went to Story City to speak with Kristin Johnson, youth director and family ministry at St. Pietre Lutheran Church who described shopping for the Angel Tree this holiday season, as well as a future mission trip.  Our final guests were Rabbi Leibel Jacobson and Rebbetzin Malka Jacobson who described the history and some of the activities of the festival of Hanukkah, which takes place from December 2 - 10 this year.


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Originally broadcast 12/05/2018
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