Techno Holidays and their Discontents

Today's program began with Leanne Harter's Story County report, which ended with a discussion of the videos of  Story County Board of Supervisors meetings, including the five hour meeting on December 11.  Next we described how technology interfaces with broadcast transmission to make KHOI possible.  First we spoke with volunteer Cynthia McClure who described the early days of KHOI when we had to drive to our tower near Story City to transfer a full day's programs to our computer via thumb drive.  Cynthia was one of the faithful "Thumb Drive Team" members.  Our link to the tower is still dependent on our Internet Company. To maintain that, we rely on our one full time employee, Evan Taylor, who gave us a five minute job description. Switching from how Technology (with its frequent downsides) brings you KHOI broadcasts, Joy Beadleston., Maggie WestvoldPaul Wierson, and Susan Franzen discussed their experiences with the ways our changing technology has enhanced, or interfered with, reaching out to family, friends, and strangers.   Our program closed with Joy's poem, "Connected in an Unconnected World," and Maggie's Points to Ponder, "Things We Take for Granted."


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Originally broadcast 12/19/2018
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