Incarceration in Iowa, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Ames City Council Update

After Dennis Hart’s news, host Gale Seiler spoke with Allen Hays from the Iowa Justice Action Network. He told about issues that his organization works on related to mass incarceration in Iowa, and their upcoming Lobby Day at the Iowa Legislature. They work to draw attention to issues such as reducing or eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing and increasing support for those returning from prison. 

From KHOI’s naturalist, Pat Schlarbaum, we learned about red-bellied woodpeckers, which have been sighted in the area recently. Then Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen, a member of the Ames City Council, was in for her monthly visit. We spoke with her about the City Council’s goal-setting meeting that was held on Saturday, and the Comprehensive Plan that the City is beginning to work on. It is called Ames 2020, and the first public input sessions will be held in February.


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Originally broadcast 02/04/2019
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