Golden Owl, TEDxYouth, Yellow Cup, Roland Pool

Paul Wierson and Susan Franzen celebrated the warming weather with a road trip to Story City to meet with people recently featured in news stories.  Brad Taylor, ag teacher and FFA adviser at Roland Story High School, and finalist for the Golden Owl Award, told us about the extensive career and life skill education now available through FFA. While we were a the high school, we stopped in to learn from Extended Leaning Teacher Thomas Klett and student Whitney Erickson about the upcoming TEDxYouth event coming up this week at RSHS (one of the first in Iowa).  In time for a coffee break we went to the Yellow Cup Cafe and heard from the proprietor Shannon Hayden about how she started the newest restaurant in Story City.  There we met Mayor Andrew Webb of Roland and discussed the bond issue for a new swimming pool. The voting was taking place as we met, but the subject that brought us there in the first place was a recent poll that placed Roland and Story City in the top 20 best Iowa towns under 5,000 population.  The proud mayor had been promoting the fact that Roland ranked #6.  When our program aired on Wednesday morning, Mayor Webb was on the phone to report that the bond issue passed with 82.38% YES votes and a turnout of of 42% of all eligible voters.


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Originally broadcast 03/06/2019
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