Corn, Fuel, and Controversy

Sarah Starman, field organizer for Mighty Earth reported on a panel, "Corn, Climate, and Conservation" which kicked off a discussion about biofuels.  To give us a comprehensive report on that importance of  biofuels in Iowa we spoke with Monte Shaw, executive director of Iowa Iowa Renewable Energy Association. On a local note, Rich Lehners from CyRide told us how part of the biodiesel used to power CyRide buses comes from cooking oil recycled from ISU dorms kitchens. We ended on a lighter note from Terse Arends, director of "Leading Ladies" opening at the Webster City Community Theatre this weekend.  There was also an announcement for the Heartland Forum at Spirit Lake on March 30.  We said ticket information would be available on our website.


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Originally broadcast 03/27/2019
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