Floods, Climate Change, and the Ledges

Our show opened with a news segment from the Nevada Boys and Girls Club telling about how they started a news program.  Then co-host Mark Edwards discussed the historic floods of Iowa, particularly the development of flood control on the Missouri, explaining the quantities of water contained by the upstream dams, as well as the effect of the "bomb" cyclone. For a more detailed report of the climate change implications of this, and other impending floods, John Davis, climate activist joined us.  After repeated international journeys to assess climate events for many nations, he returned home to Hamburg, Iowa, to find his house flooded beyond repair.  Moving on to events in the area, Andy Bartlett - Park  Manager at the Ledges State Park, told about the "The Ledges," a movie about the history of the of the Ledges State Park, which will be shown at the Boone Theater on April 13-15.  Finally, Charissa Hamel, director, gave is a preview of Ankeny Community Theatre's production of "Kiss Me Kate."


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Originally broadcast 04/03/2019
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