Dennis Maulsby, Human Trafficking, and ISU's Earth Month

Dennis Hart gives a summary of local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Dennis Maulsby, an Ames poet and author, describes his recently released, Winterset

Please join us in the book release party, when Mr. Maulsby will read from portions of the book and sign bought copies. 
at  KHOI, 410 Douglas Avenue in Ames
April 18  at 7 PM

A percentage of the proceeds will go to support KHOI during this, our ongoing Spring fund drive:

George Belitzos, the Chair of the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery, asks you to come out for a public forum and discussion on human trafficking. The Ames City Council will host the discussion in the City Council chambers on April 16 from 6-7 PM. Everyone is invited to come and participate or just listen. Mr. Belitzos explains on Local Talk that Ames is the only major town or city in Central Iowa that has not adopted an ordinance against human trafficking and thus attracts the traffickers that have had to leave communities with ordinances. Mr. Belitzos explains the nature of trafficking and its growth and seriousness as a problem. 

Merry Rankin, Ames and ISU Sustainability Director for Sustainability, and students at ISU and other Iowa colleges and Universities, describe their recent All-Iowa Sustainability Conference

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Originally broadcast 04/12/2019
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