Art, Wild Foods, Pollinator Fest and Joy in Jewell

Our program started by bringing our listeners back to last Friday's Ames Art Walk, with music, interviews with artists, and description of the event at the KHOI studio.  Then we heard about upcoming events.  First, Ben Hoksch described the "Wild Foods" workshop he's leading for Legacy Learning at Briggs Woods near Webster City. Then Randall Cass, extention entomology specialist in honey bees, native bees, and pollinators described bee keeping in Iowa (an occupation involving tens of thousands of Iowans), and gave us a preview of "Polinator Fest" taking place at Reiman Gardens on May 22.  We ended the program with Paul Wierson's announcement of the municipal band concert with Simon Estes, and Susan Franzen's discovery of a concert of Beethoven's 9th symphony to be performed on two grand pianos in the United Church of Christ in Jewell by  world renown pianist Stephan Moller and Jewell residents,  Delayna and Don Beattie.


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Originally broadcast 06/12/2019
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