Jefferson, Kate Shelley, Food for Thought

Leanne Harterz, brought us her monthly Story County Report, with Latifah Faisal from the Story County Attorney’s Office telling us about the program to reinstate drivers licenses. Our first guest was Chris Deal, telling us about how Jefferson attracted the attention of Silicone Valley and built a Career Academy in conjunction with DMAAC and the citizens of Jefferson. History Boy Theatre in Jefferson will also be one of the locations for the production of Kate Shelley's Bridge, a new musical by Diana Star Helmer and Gershom Levi. Gershom and the director Mischelle Levi came to the studio to discuss the production as well as listing dates and locations for other performances in central Iowa.

Jean Kresse rounded off summer activities by providing the history and growth of "Food for Thought," which began as a summer feeding program for children under 18, and now includes learning and enrichment components as well as other fun activities. The list of cooperating organizations and churches is impressive.

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Originally broadcast 07/10/2019
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