KHOI Fall Fund Drive Kickoff and Pantorium Sessions Technology Launch

Wednesday November 6, 2019: KHOI kicked off their Fall Fund Drive as Pantorium Sessions began their 5th year by launching a major technology upgrade with Courtney Krause in the house. Thanks to a grant from the Ames Commission On the Arts, KHOI has purchased a digital mixer that will end the "blind mixing" of  the broadcast feed done during the first four years of live music broadcasts. Mixes were monitored in Studio A, but controlled in the front of the lobby. This disconnect led to less than ideal sound for the radio audience. The regimen of soundcheck-set-and-forget had obvious limitations. Those days are now in the past. The live radio sound will now be mixed from within the acoustic isolation of Studio A, rather than by guesswork live in the lobby. We hear the mix before we broadcast now.