Coronavirus, Iowa Democratic Party, Iowa Caucus

Keith Morgan, StoryCounty Emergency Coordinator, and Teresa Ferrari from Story County PublicHealth give an update on the status of the Novel 2019 Coronavirus in Central Iowa. Following that is an explanation of the characteristics, types, and origins of the various Coronaviruses, some which are deadly, and some which cause the common cold most of us will have during this winter. The deadly Novel 2019 Coronavirus currently in the news has not become a significant threat at this time in central Iowa.

Iowa DemocraticParty Chair Troy Price issued a statement on February 7 that the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) reported the last remaining records of voting result from the 1,765 precincts across Iowa, the nation, and overseas, on Thursday. However, they gave candidates’ campaigns until noon on February 8 to submit evidence of data entry inaccuracies, and that the IDP will give candidates’ campaigns an extended period of time to request a re-canvass or re-count – with a deadline of Monday February 10th at noon.

Other questions surrounding the Iowa Caucus reporting are explored, including the people who built it, and whether the IDP has created firewalls to prevent undue influence by the campaigns.Story County Democratic Party Chair Madalyn Anderson addresses the questions to the best of her ability.

John Howe, from the Raptor Resource Project in Decorah gives an update on the famous Decorah Eagles of the videocam, who are laying eggs.


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Originally broadcast 02/10/2020
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