Raising Readers, Sanctuary, ACLU trans lawsuit

We started today's show with a road trip to Nevada to see the "Step Into Storybooks" project in the store windows of downtown Nevada.  This was a project of Raising Readers of Story County so I talked with Lisa Reeves, the executive director.  Amber and Marc Olson of ReMax were active in enlisting businesses for having storybook pages displayed in store windows and spoke to us about how this been part of bringing more families to the revitalized post-COVID Nevada.  Turning to an update about organizations supporting immigrants we spoke with David Hanson, president of Ames Sanctuary Interfaith Partners (ASIP).  Finally, we got a report from Veronica Lorson Fowler about the ACLU lawsuit(s) brought on behalf transgender Iowans  and  from Courtney Reyez of One Iowa.


Originally broadcast 04/28/2021