Citizenship, Ada Hayden Park, Community Gardens and Juneteenth

Betty Andrews, president of the Iowa Nebraska NAACP started the show by talking about the importance of exercising the rights of citizenship from Jury Duty to voting in local elections - and she ended the show by describing the celebration of Juneteenth. Friends of Ada Hayden (Erv Klaas, Mike Meetz, and Jeri Neal) then described the campaign of the early 1990s to develop the gravel pit on the  east edge of Ames into a park with trails, prairies, year round fishing, bike and walking trails, and home to wildlife of all kind from trout to foxes. Luke Spence, Nevada City Councilman, told us about the new Community Garden with ground level and raised beds, that is being started by the city of Nevada.  


Originally broadcast 06/02/2021