LOCAL TALK 8 October 2021

Local Talk for Friday, Oct. 8 kicked off with Dennis Hart news summary from Ames Tribune.  A raptor release story at the 4H Camp SW of Ames highlighted all the good rehabilitation work performed by SOAR, Saving Our Avian Resources and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.  Terrie Hoefer and Randy Farnum were featured professionals that contributed greatly to the 4H Camp program over the years.  Merry Rankin, Sustainability Director with Iowa State and the City of Ames discussed Supplemental Input Committee work with the City's Climate Action Plan.  Save the date Oct. 25, 6PM for the first Town Hall meeting at City Hall concerning this project.  For further information go to CityofAmes/Sustainability.  Virginia Nichols presented a podcast concerning soil health and cover crops.  Music was provided by Doug Wood, In Our Hands, which complimented the 4H Camp story greatly.  They featured what a difference people can provide.


Originally broadcast 10/08/2021