LOCAL TALK 17 December 2021

Local Talk for Friday, December 17, 2021 included a news summary of the week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.  Steve Veysey, member of the Cold Water Alliance provided an update of the Save Bloody Run campaign.  A 11,600 head cattle feedlot has been constructed in the watershed of this Outstanding Water designated trout stream.  Mr. Veysey included update of litigation against the proposed feedlot and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. More information can be learned at SaveBloodyRun.org. Susan Gwiasda with City of Ames included Jason Clausen, Public Works Supervisor, discussing the recent derecho force winds that impacted Ames this week.  According to Public Relations Officer, Gwiasda Ames residents incurred only two outages that were recovered within two hours and 45 minutes.  Ames residents were in good hands during this storm.  Also, think of ways to honor upcoming snow removal efforts and realize snowplow operators need our love and respect this time of year.  Michaela Van DerBerg with ISU Extension provided dates for many worthwhile, upcoming workshops and presentations in January.  More information can be gleaned from their website: ISUExtension@iastate.edu/Story County. Music was "Requiem for the Planet" by Steve Veysey and "River I Know" by Big Blue Sky.


Originally broadcast 12/17/2021