Memorial Day 2022

With the Memorial Day Parade and Program organized by the Ames Patriotic Council, we devoted a lot of our show to providing information for those who want to participate either in person or virtually at and  

Lt. Col. Matthew Harvey (ret.) the speaker at the program in the Ames Cemetery,  talked with us about the meaning of Memorial Day, both as a day to honor those who have given their all for their country and for non-military loved ones.  We also discussed the importance of the Fort Des Moines Museum, where the first Black officers were trained during the First World War. Paul Wierson,  who was familiar with Fort Des Moines during World War II continued that story from that war in which the first Women Officers were trained at Fort Des Moines.  Paul also discussed how the state of Iowa, with the dedicated support of veteran's organizations, maintains even country cemeteries where soldiers were buried.


Originally broadcast 05/30/2022