LOCAL TALK 22 July 2022

Dennis Hart provides us with an indepth summary of last week’s news from our local newspaper.
Pat Schlarbaum spent some time with  Carolyn Rathensperger as she discusses what’s on her mind during these tumultous times.
Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames reminds residents to conserve their energy needs as much as posible and avoid the peak demand energy hours.  She also reminds us that road construction is in full swing and next week she will have one of the engineers as a guest to provide the latest information and construction updates. 
Ames Public Art Commission (PAC) Commissioner Angie DeWaard; PAC describes soliciting artists to paint decommissioned fire hydrants for display at the Ames Dog Park. We also discuss the various art projects displayed around the community how these works are chosen and displayed and what is involved in finding future locations for the pieces. 
Sam Wormley previews an upcoming performance of the Central Iowa Symphony and shares some background on his association with the group.  Then we discuss the  Apple Help Group, an OLLI (Osheir Life Long Learning Institute ) inspired service that helps Apple users and users of other devices and is sponsored by the Ames Public Library.


Originally broadcast 07/22/2022
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