LOCAL TALK 9 August 2022

Sam Wormley Discusses Alternative and practical forms of transportationand the village concept/zoning design to decrease CO2 footprint.  Later in the hour, Sam reviews the basic facts that demonstrate the costly energy imputs, dangers and impracticality of the pipeline(s) proposed to transport and sequester this potentially dangerous form of (liquefied) CO2.

Story County Conservation Outreach and Communications Coordinator; Casey Struecker.  reviews the Events Calendar for the Story County Conservation System; reviews the Hickory Park  and West Peterson completion. We also visit about OWLS programing that starts again in September and outdoor day and evening activities.

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames.   Susan reminds residents of the next city council meeting and the meeting scheduled to provide feedback for the various citing options for the Municipal Indoor Aquatic Center with Keith Abraham: Parks and Recreation Director.   Traffic Engineer, Damion Pregitzer

discusses the workshop scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 16 that will address vision, goals, public outreach plan, and timeline for the Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan project.  

Susan Gwiasda: Public Information Officer; susan.gwiasda@cityofames.org 
Damion Pregitzer: Traffic Engineer; damion.pregitzer@cityofames.org
Keith Abraham: Parks and Recreation Director: keithabraham@cityofames.org
Casey Struecker: Story County Outreach and Communications Coordinator; cstuecker@storycountyiowa.gov
Story County camping reservations:   mycountyparks.org
Story County Conservation Partners Program: storycountyiowa.gov.


Originally broadcast 08/09/2022