KHOI Attains a Silver Rating!

KHOI is proud to achieve Silver certification in the City of Ames Smart Business Challenge.


As a Silver member of the Challenge, we at KHOI strive to be environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable and provide exceptional service to our customers. In this accomplishment, we have taken action in:

  • Energy Efficiency through turning off all lights, adding more LEDs and motion sensors, and turning off all non critical equipment overnight.

  • Water Conservation through sink aerators and limiting indoor water usage. 

  • Transportation through standardizing online meetings and broadcast interviews, and encouraging carpooling and walking for all employees and for all business errands.

  • Indoor Environment through magnetic vent covers to assist with heating and cooling efficiency in unused spaces, programmable thermostats, and green cleaning supplies. 

  • Outdoor Environment through not using pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides and fungicides, and supporting pollinator species. 

  • Purchasing through reusing everything possible, such as expired flyers instead of notebooks, priority for purchasing second hand furniture and equipment, and serving fair trade and organic coffee. 

  • Waste Diversion through limiting paper use, composting, donating furniture and equipment that is no longer needed or useful, recycling and opting for reusable serviceware instead of disposable. 

  • Customer Relations through encompassing environmental, economic and social sustainability in radio programming featuring national topics, local issues and community voices and onsite community events featuring artists, documentaries, readings, dialogue and discussion. 

  • Community Relations through a commitment to contributing to community sustainability, by promotions and coverage of topics relevant to community members, almost all employees are volunteers, host a community event every August for the station’s birthday, volunteer at Rummage Rampage, participate at Iowa State University sustainability events, including Sustainapalooza and Earth Day, and hosting the annual Earth Day on the Airwaves event. 


Learn more about this impressive honor for KHOI on the City of Ames Smart Business Challenge website (