Story County Attorney Discusses Police Shooting


On KHOI’s Local Talk Show Friday, Story County Attorney Stephen Holmes explained his decision to clear an Ames police officer of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of a Boone man on the ISU campus Nov. 4.

Holmes and members of his staff investigated the shooting and reported his conclusions in a letter to Ames Police Charles Cychosz.

Holmes told co-hosts Ursula Ruedenberg and Tom Beell that Officer Adam McPherson’s use of deadly force against 19-year old Tyler Comstock was justified, considering the difficult circumstances the officer faced.

In the interview, Holmes explained why he didn’t consider other options appropriate, such as shooting out Comstock’s tires or terminating the police chase before the shooting.

Also on the program, ISU Psychology Associate Professor Doug Gentile described how high-stress incidents sometimes spin out of control, leading to tragic consequences. Gentile noted that police videos of the high-speed car chase, which are attracting viewers on line, have a strange similarity to some video games.

And KHOI reporter Cynthia McClure interviewed her son about the appeal of violent video games, such as Grand Theft Audio, especially to teenage boys.

To view the video of the press conference, Click Here.

Originally broadcast 11/08/2013
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