Thanksgiving Dinner


Changes at the First Christian Church, ACPC, Good Neighbor and Performance by Co'Motion

This show centered on the First Christian church at 6th and Clark, home of the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, hosted this year by Food at First. We heard from ACPC (Ames Community Preschool Center) just leaving the church for larger space elsewhere, and from Good Neighbor, which will return to downtown in the space vacated by ACPS. The show closed with a preview of “Story Time” by Dance Co’Motion.

    Guests include:
  • Hannah Dankbar and Rebecca Brown, Story County Volunteer Center
  • Mary Jane Button Harrison, pastor of the First Christian Church
  • Chris Martin of Food director of Food at First
  • Sue Wuhs, executive director of the ACPC
  • Mike Fritz, executive director of Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance
  • Valerie Williams, director of Dance Co’Motion


Originally broadcast 11/15/2013
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