Campustown Redevelopment


KHOI follows the unfolding story of redevelopment along Lincoln Way, in Campus town, which signifies a substantial point of departure for one of the two original business districts in Ames.

Kingland Systems describes itself as a software and services company headquartered in Clear Lake. They opened their offices in Ames in 2001 and moved to Campus town in 2005 into the old New Ames Theater Building and employ a large number if ISU students on a part time basis.

Needing more space for operations, they bought 3 property lots from the Champlain Family, comprising all of the buildings on that block between Stanton and Welch, except for the Cranford Apartments, on the corner of Lincoln Way and Stanton. Kingland Systems will demolish the existing buildings (some of which have been noted to have historic significance) and is seeking financial assistance (a TIF rebate) from the City Council for their $20 million development plan.

The City Council will be holding two important meetings in the next two weeks which will determine the future of this area. On Tuesday, November 26, at 7 PM in in the City Council Chambers, they will decide on what conditions the City of Ames will require in exchange for financial assistance. On December 10, at 7 PM in in the City Council Chambers,the City Council will finalize their TIF grant to Kingland Systems, clearing the way for demolition and redevelopment to begin.

Hosts: Ursula Ruedenberg and Susan Franzen

Originally broadcast 11/25/2013
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