Demolition of the Champlain Building

Today we visited two of the last events to take place at the historic Champlain Building on the corner of Welch and Lincoln Way, built by A.L.Champlain in 1908. It has recently been sold by the Champlain family to Kingland Systems which plans to demolish it in the spring of 2014. We attended a tour of the building for members of the Ames Historical Society days before the public auction on Monday, February 3. From Champlain's granddaughter, Lynn Lloyd, we learned the history of the building and its relationship to Iowa State and the larger Ames community.



    Program guests:
  • Chris for Kingland Systems
  • Lynn Lloyd, representative of the Champlain family for the properties on Lincoln Way
  • Tim Garten, property manager for the Champlain Building
  • Dennis Wendell, Ames Historical Society
  • Allen Sponheimer, Ames Historical Society

Originally broadcast 02/05/2014
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