Iowa's Changing Climate Posing New Challenges for Farmers

Dr. Jerry Hatfield

Iowa farmers will have to find new ways of conserving and holding rainfall as the state’s climate becomes more variable. That was the message Dr. Jerry Hatfield gave to KHOI’s Local Talk listeners Friday (Feb. 14). Dr. Hatfield is Laboratory Director of the USDA’s Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment in Ames. He also talked about the new “climate change hub,” which has been established to distribute information to food producers in the state. Also on the program, Green County farmer George Nayler described what he’s had to do to survive changing weather patterns and intense competition from corporate agriculture. Nayler is a third-generation farmer who operates his century-old family farm near Churdan.

Hosts: Cynthia McClure and Tom Beell

Originally broadcast 02/14/2014
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