Ames Convention Center

Though it was a cold and snowy day in Central Iowa Monday, February 17, KHOI’s Local Talk show explored the hot topic of the proposed Ames Convention Center, which will appear as a $19 million bond issue on Tuesday, March 4. Pros and cons of the project were debated by former Ames City Council member Victoria Szopinski and ISU Accounting Professor Sue Ravenscroft. Economist Dave Swenson clarified some figures used in assessing the economic impact of the facility, and Food Science Professor and AMOS member Diane Birt expressed concerns about the availability of low-income housing for potential employees of the convention center.

Victoria Szopinski (left) and Sue Revenscroft debate the
possible benefits and costs of the proposed
Ames Convention Center

Hosts: Susan Franzen and Tom Beell
Producer: Susan Franzen

Originally broadcast 02/17/2014
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