Geology and Politics: the problem with the Keystone XL Pipeline


We covered the rally urging President Obama to deny approval to the XLKeystone Pipeline. We talked with Rivka Fidel of the ISU campus organization Active US, followed by a short clip from a debate between Eric Fica, president of Friends of the Earth , and Cindy Schild, executive from the American Petroleum Insitute , which led to a vivid description of the pipeline and its effects by ISU professor emeritus, Carl Vondra. Stephen Biggs, leader of the newly formed Ames chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby , telling us about the actions of that group to deal with the politics of climate change. Closing out with some thought provoking music by Pete Mayer and Fleetwood Mac. Our purpose is to present information that will provide new ways to think about the issue, no matter which side you favor.

Originally broadcast 02/18/2014
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