The Black Experience in Story County

The Barred Owls start things off with their calls as they begin Spring courtship and nesting according to the Phenology Calendar.

Ames Choral Society Director Steven Hoifeldt and performers, who describe the upcoming Cabaret Show, "Greeced Lightening" which be performed on February 28 and March 2 at the Octagon Art Center in Ames.

Nitten Gadia describes a community space he and the Makers' Club plan to develop in downtown Ames where people can come and carry out their own projects. Nitten is looking for others interested in this project.


KHOI producer and DJ Ron Latson introduces some members of the area who are black,
  • Sonya McHerron
  • Marlin Hodges
  • Alan Stewart

On the last day of Black History month, our own black neighbors describe their own personal histories, as people whose families originate from the urban areas of Chicago and St. Louis. They describe living in Story County from the perspectives of African Americans and talk about their own successes and dilemmas as they search for community.

Originally broadcast 02/28/2014
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