Passenger Pigeons, Artist Naomi Friend, Arc of Story County

The story is told of the passenger pigeon, once the most numerous bird in the United States, whose dramatic demise highlights the ongoing species extinction crisis. The story of their extinction is told in anticipation of a lecture called “The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon” by Stanley Temple, Senior Fellow and Science Adviser with the Aldo Leopold Foundation. Mr. Temple will be speaking March 6th at the Great Hall in the memorial Union at 7:00 PM.

Artist and ISU student Naomi Friend talks about her artwork, which is on display at the Stomping Grounds Café in Ames. The art works, a combination of watercolors, and prints of photographs on paper, wood, and canvas include images of farm buildings and farm houses, family members, Iowa landscapes. Friend describes it as, “art about land and life in the Midwest.”

As part of KHOI’s Community Service Appreciation project, Tricia Crane, executive director of the Arc of Story County, describes how that organization partners with local businesses, providers and community members to enrich the lives of people with disabilities.

Originally broadcast 03/05/2014
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