Wind Turbines

Guests explain some of the ways that Iowans are using wind energy. Randy Larabee, Assistant Director of Utilities at Iowa state University describes the first year of operation of the ISU wind turbine; how it was built, how it supplements ISU's energy source, and how it is used to educate. Anyone can access minute by minute data on the turbine's operations and statistics

Donald Kom, Director of Electrical Services for the City of Ames describes how the city supplements power through a wind farm near Zearing Iowa.

On a smaller scale, farmer Mark Rundquist describes the wind turbine he uses to operate his farm operation.

Finally as part of the "Iowans Travel" series, Tami and Chris Martin talk about interrupting their Iowa careers and lives in Iowa to Ghana to work in the Peace Corps as a married couple.

Phenology report: Morning doves begin laying eggs.

Heart of Iowa program
Originally broadcast 04/04/2014
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