Prairie Chickens and Power Outages

Prairie chicken are performing their renowned mating dance at their sanctuary in Southern Iowa. KHOI environmental reporter, Pat Schlarbaum from the Department of Natural Resources tells their story, to the unique sounds they make while they dance. Schlarbaum helped bring the prairie chickens back to Iowa after their extinction in the state. Directions for driving to the bird sanctuary are posted below in case you wish to watch the birds dance (until around April 15). Telescopes are provided so the birds can be seen without disturbing them.

Tim McCollough from Ames Utilities explains what caused the temporary lapse in electrical power in downtown Ames and describes the city's response in such a situation.

State Representative Lisa Heddens gives an update on issues at the Iowa State Legislature.

Mark Runquist and Gary Guthrie, small Iowa farmers, describe how they use their own private wind turbines to help power their farms and homes.

To see the Prairie Chickens Dance:
Take Interstate 35 south to Mount Ayr exit (at Decatur City)
West on Highway 2 for 11 miles to Kellerton
Go 2 miles West past Kellerton to a sign that says Grand River Grasslands
Turn left (South) 1 mile
You will see the viewing platform to the left with a spotting scope to view the birds dancing on their lek or booming ground which is about 300 yards to the East

Originally broadcast 04/07/2014
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