Lead Poisoning In Eagles

The Decorah Eagles,are famous for raising yearly broods while being observed at close range by eagle lovers and schools around the world via a ground-breaking web cam project by naturalist Bob Anderson in Decorah, Iowa. In early April, their three new Eagle chicks hatched despite extremely cold conditions. Anderson reports on the eaglets' progress.

Wildlife specialist and KHOI community radio reporter Pat Schlarbaugm speaks with a wild bird rehabilitation expert, a wild life veterinarian, and a hunter, as well as Anderson, about the growing problem of lead poisoning of bald eagles caused by lead bullets, resulting in their agonizing deaths. Since copper bullets do not poison birds, advocates are calling for a ban on lead bullets and conversion to copper. As the birds who symbolize our nation return from near extinction, they once again perform as "indicator species" as they did with the herbicide DDT in the 1950's and 1960's.

Originally broadcast 04/09/2014
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