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Reporter Greta Anderson kicks off a series of Friday Local Talk shows about water issues across Iowa by sharing the hour with Evan Burger of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. ICCI has initiated a statewide Clean Water campaign in anticipation of important rulings on regulations, which are notoriously weak in this state. We talk with Bill Stowe, the director of the Des Moines Water Works, and David Osterberg of Iowa Policy Project, who has just published a paper entitled, "A Threat Unmet: Why Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy Falls Short." Our guests argue that with more than 50% of Iowa's waterways listed as impaired, and more than 50% of farmers implementing no conservation measures at all, it's time Iowans got serious about complying with the Clean Water Act and reducing the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Originally broadcast 07/18/2014
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