Lobbying, Politics, Sports and Bears (Oh, My!)

Citizen lobbying, state politics, local sports and Iowa bears (oh, my!) were the topics explored on Wednesday’s Local Talk program. KHOI’s nature reporter Pat Schlarbaum interviewed DNR Wildlife Research Biologist Vince Evilsizer about the resurgence of the bear population in our state. Longtime citizen lobbyist Deborah Fink described ways the Friends Committee for National Legislation tries to persuade office holders to support laws promoting peace, equal justice and a healthy environment. In a brief interview with Tom Beell, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Monica Vernon talked about the challenges of running for a statewide political office. And then KHOI’s new sports reporter, Vivica Dillard, summarized the latest athletic contests in Story County, Iowa and the nation.


  • Susan Franzen
  • Thomas Beell
  • Rebecca Brown

Originally broadcast 07/30/2014
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