Clean Water Radio, Episode 4: Hogs of Iowa

Today's show covers Iowa hog CAFOs past, present and future. First, we interview Ann Pellegreno, a world-famous aviator who left the Story County home she and her husband had established after a 15,000-head hog confinement moved to her neighborhood. We next turn to the construction of a new hog CAFO in southern Boone County owned by Brodie Brelsford of Perry and constructed by Brent Rastetter of Ames. Neighbor Jan Danilson and Des Moines River watershed ecologist Danielle Wirth discuss its likely impact on, among other things, the swimming hole and drinking water of the Boy Scouts Summer Camp. Finally, we turn to Tarah Heinzen of the Environmental Integrity Project in Washington DC, which is joining Iowa's Sierra Club and ICCI in addressing the state's Environmental Protection Commission about an upcoming August 19 ruling pertaining to the Clean Water Act. Will CAFOs of the future be required to obtain permits? Stay tuned to Friday's Clean Water Radio to find out!

Originally broadcast 08/08/2014
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