Grassroots Wrap-up and the Douglas Ave. Cultural Corridor

We look back at the achievement of the Grassroots Radio Conference 2014 with an excerpt of journalist David Barsamian's keynote talk and a montage of voices from the Closing Plenary session. Key stories coming out of the GRC included the extensive representation at the conference of the low-power FM (LPFM) movement and the spectacular success of the first annual Hip Hop Summit. KHOI board member Ron Latson reflects on that success, and Ursula Ruedenberg reflects on the mind, heart, body and spirit of this four-day reunion of friends and radio family. We air an excerpt from an interview by Jerome Edge of KSRV with author and cultural voice Ray Young Bear at the Meskwaki Settlement, as an example of community radio journalism at work. Finally, Greta interviews Lynne Carey, director of the Ames Public Library, about the Book Brigade that kicked off the library's return to its "renewed" permanent home on Douglas Ave.

Originally broadcast 08/18/2014
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