Central Iowa's Got Talent!

Kay Puttock converses with volunteer Megan Tokheim at the Ames Animal Shelter who brings together the shelter animals and people with disabilities for mutual "warm fuzzies". Then, we speak with producer Larry Sloan of the Iowa Talent Factory, a showcase of both local and national talent that has found its home in Nevada Iowa's historic Camelot Theater. In the second half of the show, we visit with Jan Cook and Robert Johnson of Community that Works, a community-building organization that addresses the cultural gap between people with means and those without, by stating unequivocally that everyone has gifts and talents, and everyone has needs (go to their web page below to read their "Declaration of Independence"). Host Greta Anderson reveals an open secret about herself, and sports lover Vivica Dillard shares the story of a young female phenom.

Originally broadcast 08/20/2014
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