Clean Water Radio, Episode 5: Iowa EPC Rules and Algae Blooms

We review the events at the August 19 Environmental Protection Commission hearing on the state's proposed rule for Clean Water Act compliance, which the EPA has forced on the state. As stated by the EPC counsel, the rule complies with EPA, "but no more." ICCI's State Policy Organizing Director Adam Mason explains a lawsuit filed by star Des Moines attorney Joseph Glazebrook: 5 of the 9 commissioners benefit financially from the weak ruling, but did not recuse themselves from the decision. We hear the testimonies of Vern Tiggis, Barb Kalbach and Joe Fagan, and the demonstration of "the people's will" by Deborah Bunka. Then, we speak at length with Mary Skopec about the fascinating chemistry and biology of Iowa's water. Mary heads up the water quality monitoring team and issues advisories for state beaches on the beach hotline, (515) 725-3434

Originally broadcast 08/22/2014
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