Underwrite KHOI

Underwriting KHOI is an opportunity to be identified with KHOI’s mission: "Building Community Through Communication." Underwriting KHOI is an affordable and effective way for businesses, organizations, and individuals to show support for community while letting thousands of area residents know about their goods and services.


  • SOUTH to Ankeny and parts of Des Moines
  • NORTH to Webster City
  • EAST to State Center
  • WEST to Jefferson

In other words, your underwriting message will reach a potential listening audience of more than 480,000 people in Central Iowa.

KHOI 89.1 FM is a non-commercial community-based radio station. We bring locally-hosted programs, supplemented with nationally recognized syndicated news and cultural programs to Central Iowa. Our programs are 50% music and 50% talk radio. Our decisions are 100% locally made!

Benefits to Underwriters

  • The most significant benefit is listener recognition of an underwriter’s support of KHOI’s mission.
  • KHOI will also connect listeners and underwriters by listing underwriters on the KHOI web site: khoifm.org with a contact number and/or link to the underwriter’s site.  Nothing in the rate structure shall be construed as providing anything of value by KHOI or establishing a quid pro quo transaction between the donor and KHOI.

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