CoOpportunity Health, Environmental Issues, and Scientific Writing

Host Greta Anderson and guest co-host Lauris Olson talk to:

Ames physician Dr. David Carlyle about the possible failure of CoOpportunity Health, an insurance cooperative formed in 2013 to offer health insurance to Iowans and Nebraskans through the Affordable Care Act marketplace exchanges. Dr. Carlyle was on the federal advisory committee that set the rules for the insurance cooperatives offering subsidized health insurance and also was involved with the creation of CoOpportunity Health here in Iowa.

Iowa District 33 Senator Rob Hogg (Cedar Rapids – D) and Iowa District 49 House Representative David Deyoe (Nevada – R) about environmental issues as the Iowa General Assembly convenes for its first day of he 2015 session. They also comment on the 1,100-mile Dakota Access, LLC (Bakken) crude oil pipeline proposed to run through 17 Iowa counties, including Story County.

Scientist and artist Tibi Chelcea of Ames about his sketch and watercolor exhibit Scientific Writing now showing at the Octagon Center for the Arts, 429 Douglas Ave., in Ames.

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