IA Attorney General Sues Over Net neutrality, Polar Vortex, River Otters

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 01/01/2018
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Iowa Informer gives a round up of Iowa stories in the national news. Elwynn Taylor, ISU Extension Service Climatologist, explains arctic temperatures we are experiencing including what an outburst of the polar vortex an arctic front are. Benjamin Bellus, Assistant Attorney General for Consumer Protection, describes why Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller wrote a letter to the FCC regarding criminal fraud in public commentary about Net neutrality and why Miller is considering joining other state Attorney Generals in suing the FCC over their removal of net neutrality regulations. Bronwyn Beatty- Hansen discusses what is in store at the Ames City Council and what is in on their agenda for Ames in 2018. Naturalist Pat Schlarbaum introduces the river otter and its return to Iowa as a wild species. 

High School and University Science

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/29/2017
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This program focuses on science at both the high school and university levels. After a roundup the week's news from Dennis Hart we hear from three 9th graders at Ames High, along with their teacher of Earth and Space Science about their work on the community impact of what they've been learning in class. Then Greta Anderson interviews Auriel Willette, Assistant Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition about the links between Alzheimer's disease, diet and obesity.

Christmas Reflections and Soundscapes

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/27/2017
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For our post-Christmas program, we drew upon the recollections of Memorable Christmases past from Paul Nelson, Pat Schlarbaum, Roger Berger, Cynthia McClure, Paul Hertz, Merl Hodge, Rick Morrison, David Slade, and Duffie Lorr. In the second half of the show staff members, Ursula Rudenberg and Rebekka Reuter introduced KHOI's new Audio Lab, Soundscape Laboratory.  In this series of workshops, sponsored jointly by KHOI and the ISU Journalism Department, the studio will  provide students with opportunities to learn the art and technique of creating audio.  Community members are also invited to attend, thanks to a grant from Ames Commission on the Arts. We heard from participants at the first Soundscape Workshop, Joe Wallis, Henry, Zimmerman, and Audra.

Popcorn, Art, Micro-brewing, and Collaboration

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/22/2017
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A round-up of the past week's news of Ames and surrounding communities, by Dennis Hart, from the pages of the Ames Tribune
KHOI reporters speak with experts on all things popcorn and its flavors at holiday time. Susan Franzen interviews Dan Haynes of Kettle Korn & Caramel Corn at the North Grand Mall Farmers Market. Maggie Westvold speaks at length with popcorn expert Ken Ziegler, former Coordinator and Manager of the Iowa State Corn Yield Test and former Developer and Manager of the Popcorn Breeding Program at Iowa State University.They discuss how popcorn is developed, researched and even go through some recipes. 

Carolyn Myers and Anne Kinzel, from the Ames Progressive Alliance, talk with Lyndsay Nissen and Elliot Thompson about how they created and run Reliable Street Art Center and Alluvial Brewing Company and the vision of bringing more community collaboration to Ames, that is behind these enterprises.

Love Changes Everything

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/20/2017
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Our program started with Cynthia McClure and Joy B. taking a road trip to Salisbury House in Des Moines.  KHOI videographer Aaron O'Neill recorded the tour as Emily Milewsky showed KHOI reporters the around the palace-like mansion, with its priceless art collection.  [Click the Salisbury House link above to see the video].  Then Joy B. and Ursula Ruedenberg spoke with David Cunningham communications expert and Forum Leader for Landmark Education, who gave us practical suggestions for dealing with the tensions of the holidays and the potential conflicts of difficult family situations. Finally we spoke with Elizabeth from the National Suicide Prevention Hotline with the services provided by their help line available throughout the United States at 1-800-332-4224. The hour ended with the realization that "Love Changes Everything."

Ralph Rosenberg, Carolyn Raffensberger, Aaron O'neal, Paul Nelson

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/18/2017
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A round up of some of last week's news stories from Iowa in the national arena, provided by The Iowa Informer.

With KHOI environmental reporter Pat Schlarbaum, discussion about water issues and policies, particularly how confinement feed operations (CAFOs) affect environment and water in Iowa. Ralph Rosenberg, former Executive Director of the Iowa Environmental Council State Senator and Iowa Legislator, and Carolyn Raffensberger, executive director of the Science and Environmental HealthNetwork speak about bills currently before the Iowa legislature and their consequences, and alternative ways to approach agriculture and water quality. They speak o the issue in anticipation of  CAFOs/Water Quality Forum" in Ames City Auditorium, scheduled for Monday, December 18.

Aaron Oneal, KHOI's latest outgoing intern from the ISU Greenlee School of Journalism, describes his life and work at KHOI. He introduces the KHOI Youtube Channel that he has been developing, that features videos of concerts at KHOI, reporting trips of interest by the Local Talk reporters, and some "celebrity interviews" with KHOI radio hosts. 

Paul Nelson, KHOI's founding Chief Operator and Chief Engineer, talks about why he volunteered to put KHOI on the air, what it was like to build KHOI, and about the value of Community Radio and its culture.



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