COVID Among Blacks, Masterlanplan, Wild Rivers Film Festival, 1001 Stories

Originally broadcast 09/01/2021 

Dana James, founder of Black Iowa News, gave us a report on low vaccination rates among Black Iowans (25%) as compared with White Iowans (46%) and her attempts to reach the unvaccinated.  We learned about the music group Masterplan playing at the music festival Shagstock near Boone this weekend from music reporter Greta Anderson.  Mike Kellner from Prairie Rivers described three films from the Wild and Scenic Film Festival taking place October 1.  Topping off the events this month, we heard from Loween Getter, director of "1001 Stories," a reader's theatre production of Webster City Community Theatre on September 10 and 11 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

LOCAL TALK 31 August 2021

Originally broadcast 08/31/2021 

KHOI’s Michael Murphy visits with Iowa State Entomologist, Dr. Ryan Smith about West Nile virus recently detected in Iowa and discusses facts about transmission and steps available to minimize our exposure to possible infection.
KHOI’s Sam Wormley Describes the Olli (Oshier Lifelong Learning Institute) program and scheduled classes.  Sam reviews a few classes he facilitates and we are introduced to topics associated with one of these:
Home Computer Security Privacy.
Susan Gwiasda Communications Officer for the City of Ames and Stormwater Analyst Liz Calhoun details the rescheduled Chad Pregracke presentation the  individual who for 25 years has organized major river clean-ups.  Liz also provides details of sustainability events planned at the end of September 

Magnusson  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.

Marching for Voter Rights, Jerri Heid Youth Services Manager Retires

Originally broadcast 08/30/2021 

Dennis Hart provides a summary of Iowa news from the past week. 

On August 28, KHOI reporter Mike Murphy attended the Local March on Voting Rights, held in Ames. On this anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington led by Martin Luther King Jr., marches were held across the country to protest voting restriction laws being enacted by state legislatures. Voices of participants of Saturday's march were captured here for KHOI.

Carolyn Klaus, president of the League of Women Voters of Story County and Ames, elaborates on the main theme of Saturday's march in Ames,  has joined us, thank you for taking the time to talk with us some more about the rally in Ames and the ideas behind it, the For The People Act of 2021. Klaus also gives some startling statistics about the composition of governing leaders.

Jerri Heid, Youth Services Manager at the Ames Public Library, reviews her work at the library on the eve of her retirement from service.

LOCAL TALK 27 August 2021

Originally broadcast 08/27/2021 

Local Talk for Friday, August 27 featured Dennis Hart News.  Save Bloody Run concert with Larry Stone emcee.  Clayton County farmers Jeff Klinge and Phil Specht contributed perspectives.  Susan Gwiasda had guest Justin Clausen talking about street projects in Ames.  The hour was rounded out with attorneys Wally Taylor and Carolyn Raffensberger discussing legal recourse to Save Bloody Run.  Music provided by Big Blue Sky and The Rolling Stones.

Lincoln Highway Days, past and present, Bill Riley Show

Originally broadcast 08/25/2021 

Steve Skaggs, president of Main Street Nevada, gave us an enthusiastic introduction to the many features of the 38th Lincoln Highway Days celebration in Nevada August 26-28. It is starting with a Thursday night Block Party and outdoor movie, followed by the usual festival rides and vendors, as well as the parade on Lincoln Way and the nationally famous rodeo.  Gina McAndrews gave us an inside picture of the rodeo as a former member of the ISU Rodeo Club.  Janice Gamon gave us a glimpse of the history of the Lincoln Highway told through Interpretive panels.   Ames Middle School Teacher and parent  Erin Bettazza gave a preview of the first day of school.  We closed out the show with Paul Wierson's family experiences with Bill Riley Sr. and Jr. and the development and planned continuation of the "Bill Riley Talent Search." long after its founders have retired.


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