Veterans Day, Meskwaki Code Talkers, Fran's Piano

Originally broadcast 11/11/2020 

Leanne Harter started our Veteran's Day program by listing the many Story County events scheduled.  Then we turned to Paul Wierson's family story from Armistice Day before going to Tama to celebrate Native American Heritage Month as Emily Chyma described how the students at South Tama High School will be honoring the Meskwaki Veterans. This led to the discovery of the story of the Meskwaki Code Talkers.  We ended our show with Kolleen Taylor, director of the Bertha Bartlett Library telling us about the arrival of Frances Bartlett Kinney's Steinway piano, which has been donated to the library.


Veteran’s Day, KHOI Fund Drive week, The Miracle play ground

Originally broadcast 11/10/2020 

Observe Veteran’s Day and remember and honor those who served.   

However, because the precautions we all must take due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ceremonies held will be different than in years past.  Our first guests this morning are; 
State Senator, Senator Herman Quirmbach from the Ames Patriotic Council and we also have with us Colonel Michael Wunn, who will be the guest speaker on Veterans Day. describe what Veteran’s Day observance means to them and how the ceremony will be observed.
We are in our KHOI Fund Drive week, Anne and Pat pitch for KHOI fund drive and provided information on membership and also spoke about two concerts (noted as Pantorium Sessions)
Gavin Jerome, instructor of The Comedy Class at ISU described how this class developed and how the students participate and visited breifly about the KHOI Comedy College. Susan Gwiasda, City of Ames Public Relations Officer, and Keith Abrams Ames Park and Recreation and talked about The Miracle play ground.
Anna Banana Magnusson Heart to Heart Segment on Philathropy

Anne and Pat pitch for the KHOI Fund Drive.

Getting Tested for COVID19

Originally broadcast 11/05/2020 

Looking for information on COVID19 testing? Andrea Cardenas, Health Promotion Coordinator of the City of Ames Human Resources Department describes her experiences getting tested both at McFarland Clinic and at TestIowa. She outlines the main options for testing in our area: 

515-575-2131 or 844-844-1561 (toll free) 

All Iowans can go through Test Iowa at no cost. To be approved for a test, you will have to complete an assessment and then choose a testing location to set up an appointment at After qualifying for testing, choose “Additional options” in the first listing then choose “Story County Iowa Test Clinic” if you live in Central Iowa. The site serves Iowans from outside Story County as well as Story County residents. The test Clinic is located at ISU Research Park 2503 S. Loop Dr.  

To schedule an appointment after qualifying for a test call 1-800-866-3492. 

Take your QR code with you to your appointment.  

Your test results will be e-mailed or texted to you within 72 hours of testing.

McFarlandClinic COVID-19 Clinic 


You can also contact your healthcare provider or the McFarland Clinic COVID-19 line.  This is billed through insurance and there may be a co-pay or additional fees.


Rapid COVID-19 testing is available through DoctorsNow in the Des Moines area.  This is not covered by most insurance providers so you may pay for the full cost of the test out of pocket.  There is a fee for this service - it appears to be under $100. You get your results very quickly. 

Unless you take this rapid test, it normally takes up to 72 hours to receive test results.  Although it takes longer to get the result, the slower PCR testprovided through Test Iowa or your healthcare provider is the most accurate and is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing.

Joe Lekowski, botanist, talks about seed gathering, especially from the coneflower or Echinacea Purpura Prairie Splendor.

Public Relations officer Susan Gwiasda reminds us of the budget meeting streamed live tonight. Fire Chief Rich Higgins gives an update on the COVID 19 Task Force in Ames, and tells us that a new site has been found for Test Iowa, since the facility at 2503 S. Loop Dr in the ISU Research Park . He did not reveal yet where the site will be but says it will open soon. He reminded all residents of Central Iowa to use the Story County Test Iowa site. 

Multi-Cultural Election in time of COVID19

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 11/04/2020
Listen to the entire episode now!

Reporting on the 2020 election was unique, and the guests from Local Talk could give us reports on exactly how it unfolded.  Co-host Gina McAndrews was an election worker who explained how the mandatory training was held on ZOOM, calls to get out the vote were organized by computer programs, and the massive numbers of mail-in ballots and early voting greatly reduced the lines at the polls on election day.  Brett Barker, chair of the Story County Republicans, and Madalyn Anderson, chair of Story County Democrats, described campaigning with limited physical contact. Shifting to the importance of people of color, we had reports from Joe Enrique Henry, chair of LULAC (League of Latin American Citizens of Iowa), Al Womble, chair of Black Democratic Caucus, and Awein Majik informal organizer of Sudanese voters

Local Voting, Story County Board of Health update

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 11/03/2020
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Mike Meetz, was the host for the hour along with Anna Magnusson alias; Anna Banana.  Engineer: Mike Murphy 

1) Covered Local Voting info how, where, when.
2) Monthly Story County Board of Health update from Dr. Molly Lee, 
Associate Director of the Center for Food Security & Public Health at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine  
  • Update on Story County COVID-19 cases
  • Define or Explain for our Listeners the proper interpretation of Positivity Rate
  • How to hold safe holiday celebrations
    • Community spread
    • Logistics of the gathering
    • Behaviors during the gathering
    • What if you or your family members have already had COVID?
    • Final notes Washing natural fiber reusable masks are the PM2.5 mask inserts washable

3) Steve Sullivan, director of marketing and community relations at Mary Greeley Medical Center

  • Current number of patients - is hospital seeing effects of spike?
  • Where are patients from – Ames, ISU, others in Central Iowa?
  • average numbers of patients on an ongoing basis
  • Number of beds available? Concerns about filling beds and PPE availability?
  • How much has the hospital suffered financially and why?
  • Best way to get tested if you are worried about having the virus?

4) Susan Gwiasda, Ames Public Relations Officer with Mark Lambert, Attorney for the City of Ames

  • Update on mask mandate
  • How is Ames doing with the spike?
  • Governor’s proclamations re: Pandemic
  • Anna, KHOI’s Top Good News Banana
    This program produced by Lynne Carey and Ursula Ruedenberg. 



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