Scandinavian Days, Tom Flack, Cemeteries, Sadika and YES

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Dennis Hart's regional news opened the show before our Story City guests came to give us a preview of Scandinavian Days.  Sam Barnes, Scott Johnson, and Melissa Asklof (cast members ofJudge Story Theatre Company's production of Mary Poppins) told about the 21st century version of the old favorite.  Jay Wilcox, director of the Story City Greater Chamber Connection, gave us a rundown on Scandinavian Days 2018.

The second half of our show continued the Memorial Day (Week) theme in unique ways.  We remembered Tom Flack, who died this spring.  Then we explored Story City's pioneer cemeteries in a conversation between Jerry Sowers (Sowers Cemetery) and Paul Wierson (Boe Cemetery) and the protection of the State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries.  Finally, Del Christiansen, the executive director of IRIS, Iowa Resourcefor International Servicetold us about the impact of the death of Sabika, on the nation-wide community of international exchange students in the YES program.

Memorial Day

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/28/2018
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Today is Memorial Day and we have a special program honoring the distinguished individuals who have lost their lives while serving the US military hosted by Sequan Gatlin. Dennis Hart opened the show with his weekly local news update from the page of the Ames Tribune.

Following the weather report for the week, KHOI chairmen Joe Lynch spoke about his farm and how the weather is impacting his work. 

Sequan Gatlin gave us his Points to Ponder, a new segment proposing a question and different angles to consider on the topic. 

Henry Corbin provided us with a special Memorial Day Address speaking about the meaning behind the poppy flower and the importance of honoring those who have gone before us.

Finally, the show concluded with poetry from Maggie Westvold detailing the experience of military personnel and honoring family during Memorial Day.

Ponder, James Behn, Burial, APA

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/25/2018
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We started our program by beginning the series of "Points to Ponder" by KHOI intern Sequan Gatlin, followed by intern Colin Burczek interviewing James Behn, one of the musicians playing at the series known as Roosevelt Summer Sundays to be held weekly at Roosevelt Park from June through mid-August.  A Memorial Day note came fromDavid Gradwohl telling us about the Burial Mound discovered at Northcrest subdivision in Ames.  Ann Kinzel and Carolyn Myers, representing Ames Progressive Alliance, brought us Alisa Franzen, president of the Ames School Board, and Luke Deardorf, vice-president, to bring us up to date on the next steps for building the new high school.

Hubbell, Upward Bound, Wild Iowa Discovery

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/23/2018
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We started our show by introducing our new feature of regional news with Civic Reporter Dennis Hart.  Then we heard from Fred Hubbell, candidate for governor of Iowa.  Fred’s interview with Cal Haliburton was the final instalment of the gubernatorial candidates appearing on Candidates With Cal.  Winding up the school year, we heard from Jane Agyeman, director of Upward Bound and TRIO programs on the ISU campus.  She described the methods that have been used successfully since 1965 to prepare children living in poverty for success in college and careers. Our program closed with a discussion between Nature Reporter Pat Schlarbaum and Mark Edwards about the upcoming event "Wild Iowa Discovery" to be held at the Iowa Arboretum on Thursday, May 24.

Governor Candidate Wilburn, NASA Launch, Farmers Market

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/21/2018
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We heard the seventh interview in our series of conversations with the candidates for Iowa governor. Cal Haliburton interviewed Ross Wilburn, a Democrat. Host, Gale Seiler spoke with Kevin Gilligan, a NASA employee, about the InSight mission that will explore the interior of Mars. Gilligan and Abby Seiler told about attending the launch of the mission on May 3. The Manager of the Main Street Farmers Market, Lojean Peterson, was on hand with Daryle Sivels and Jessica Kurpicka to talk about what is new and exciting at the Farmers Market this year.

Fetal Heartbeat, Jake Porter

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/18/2018
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Dennis Hart provides a round-up of last week's local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

An excerpt from a press conference held by the American Civil Liberties Union of IowaEmma Goldman Clinic, and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland where they announced that the ACLU of Iowa and Pklanned parenthood of the Heartland are suing the state of Iowa against the new "Fetal Heartbeat" abortion law. 

Libertarian candidate for governor Jake Porter speaks with Cal Hallibuton in "Candidates with Cal."

Ames High School science teacher Collin Reichert and some of his 9th grade students describe the Earth and Science class projects he led, that included community impact activities introducing new services to the community. 

The Mourning Doves, Orioles, Bobolinks, and Pheasants have a lot going on right now in the season. We hear from them.


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