Halloween: the Fun of Fear

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Originally broadcast 10/30/2017
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A roundup of some area news from last week, from the Iowa Informer. A medley of some Ames residents talking about why they love decorating their front yards for Halloween and Halloween music by local composer Clark Ford"Spiderwebs In My Hair." Anna Somch, Nevada resident and regular KHOI volunteer, is a "Haunter," who has worked in Spook houses since she was 5 years old. She explains some of what goes on there and why she loves it. Bambi Yost, Associate Professor at ISU College of Design, explains the need for children to experience risk and fear when playing. Daniel Bagley, professional storyteller from Nevada, tells a ghost story. Bagley is a member of the Des Moines Two Rivers Story Spinners and the NorthlandsStorytelling Network.

Arrival of Rough-Legged Hawks, Ames Hospital Board Candidates, Local Music

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Originally broadcast 10/27/2017
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Pat Schlarbaum hails the coming of the cold weather with the arrival of rough-legged hawks. 
Dennis Hart provides a roundup of area news from the pages of the Ames Tribune and other area local papers. 
Mary KitchellBeth Swenson, and Pamela White, the 3 candidates for the Ames Hospital Board, gave prepared statements at an election-time forum on October 12. The forum was hosted by the Ames League of Women Voters.
Ames Progressive Alliance members Elizabeth BairdAnne Kinzel, and Carolyn Meyers discuss the local music scene with local musicians Bryon and Rachel Dudley of Nova Labs music studios and Tom Russell, musician  and Russel Piano piano technician, including a first-hand quality assessment of concert equipment used by Bob Dyan, who recently performed in Ames.

Janet Klaas: Some of My Favorite Things

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Originally broadcast 10/25/2017
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This program is a tribute to Janet Klaas, one of KHOI's original sustaining member, listening from her room in hospice.  Janet's contributions go well beyond KHOI, however.  While she was research librarian at Ames Public Library, she worked with with Farwell T. Brown, whose collections of photographs and family diaries provide the backbone of the history of Ames. The entire collection has been digitized and is accessible online at Ames Historical Society.  Also, Janet has edited three books based on Farwell's  papers.  At the same time, the meeting of the Keigley Watershed Listening Session was held in Gilbert by Prairie Rivers of Iowa,  Janet's husband Erv Klaas  guided the discussion, followed by a slide presentation by the students from the Gilbert High School class of Cara Reinhart. Participants from that class,  Jacob Torresi, Eleanor Lopez, and Brett Porter described the experience doing serious water testing. Then Rick Lopez and Cheryl Moss talked about the issues they see living on the banks of Keigley Branch.  We concluded the show with  selections from local musicians Elizabeth Zimmerman, Jonathan Sturm, and Mei-Hsuan Huang.

Title IX Guidelines, "Guarded" Photo Exhibit, Public Events Coming in Ames

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/23/2017
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Margo Foreman, Director of Iowa State University's Office of  Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator, discusses the rescinding of the Obama administration's Title IX guidelines, announced by Betsy DeVos the Secretary of EducationTaylor Yocom's acclaimed "Guarded" photo exhibit features portraits of everyday college students posing with the varied items they choose to carry for self-defense against sexual assault. Taylor describes how the show started as an academic finals project and went viral internationally after actress/musician Zooey Deschanel posted the project on the "Hello Giggles" on-line blog for women. Allyson Walter from the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau gives an update on coming public events in our area.

News, History, and Civic Engagement

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/20/2017
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The show began with the weekly news roundup with Dennis Hart. Host, Gale Seiler, interviewed Kirstin Sullivan, who is a Government teacher at Ames HS. She talked about how the school aims to develop young people who are politically aware and engaged. She also shared her perspective on the conversations around the recent student actions against racism and injustice and the learning that occurred leading up to the protests and since.

Alex Fejfar from the Ames Historical Society filled us in their new exhibit about immigration, called Trunks, Hands and Hearts. From Susan Franzen, we heard about an important moment in Ames LGBT history – which she was a part of – that illustrates the importance of political engagement. 

Citizen Diplomacy from USSR to North Korea

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/18/2017
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Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, president of the World Food Prize, spoke with us about the proposal he made in the Op Ed in the Des Moines Register, Agriculture could be key to easing U.S.-North Korea tensions.  His idea was inspired by a painting of the 1959 visit of then Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev to the farm of Roswell Garst.,an event which opened the door to reducing the danger of nuclear war during the Cold War.  Our next guest was Liz Garst, who remembers the visit and also could explain the story behind it.  
A follow-up Editorial in the Des Moines Register led me to wonder about organizations that might provide channels for communication with North Korea today, I spoke with Daniel Jasper the author of an article directly addressing this question, Opening More Channels with US-North Korean Relations.  He was our third guest in exploring this important topic.
Ending the program on a lighter note, Barb Mallon telling us about "Night at the Museum" at the Slater Area Historical Association.



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