Bridges of Madison county

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/22/2018
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Our local Talk show this Wednesday took us back all the way to 1995, the economy was getting better and the film "Bridges of Madison county was in full swing in central Iowa. Casting agencies came across Paul Lesley and his truck "Blue", he expands on his experience with crew and the film making process. 

Our local talk host Paul Weirson preforms a phone interview: Live phone Interview with Matt Patton School district talking about updates in the school district and new additions and to the Roland-Story county schools. $9.000.000 project investment. He talks about budget and legislators

KHOI reporter Maggie Westbound, comments, in “Points to Ponder” about the art of storytelling.  

Conservation Learning Group, Inclusive Organizations

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/20/2018
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The show started with Iowa news from Dennis Hart. Then host, Gale Seiler, shared a tribute to B.J. Furgurson and Aretha Franklin, two influential African American women who passed away last week.

Jacqueline Comito and Mark Licht joined us to tell about a new initiative at ISU called the Conservation Learning Group. This will be a think tank dedicated to addressing conservation and environmental challenges.

We also heard about an upcoming event, the Symposium on Building Inclusive Organizations, from Andrea Hammes Dodge from the Ames Chamber of Commerce and Vanessa Baker-Latimer, who is with the City of Ames. This half-day event on October 31, 2018 will provide practical strategies towards building more inclusive workplaces in Ames and Story County.  

Crickets, Fall Football

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/17/2018
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We started off today's show with the weekly roundup of Ames news provided by Dennis Hart. We then heard an interview conducted by Ursula Rudenberg. Ursula interviewed a new start-up business at the Ames Farmers Market run by Shelby Smith. Shelby's new business is called Gym-N-Eats Crickets and can be found at the Farmers Market on Saturdays. The Cricket story was followed up by a recording of the Fall Football Media Conference. Head Coach Campbell answers questions from the press about the upcoming fall season. Alex Fajar closed the show by discussing upcoming exhibits at the Ames Historical Society.  

Recovery Efforts at Pella, Iowa Arboretum, LIKE in Conversations

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/15/2018
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KHOI civic reporter Dennis Hart gives a rundown of Central Iowa news from the past week.

Eden Youngberg from Pella gives a report on rebuilding efforts after the tornado in that town Youngberg is Director of Advancement and Marketing of The Well, a Marion County organization of people from area churches, non-profits, businesses, and foundations. The Well is leading recovery efforts in Pella.

Mark Schneider, Executive Director of the Iowa Arboretum, describes the arboretum, it’s events, features, and accomplishments of the past year, including a  50thanniversary, the  purchase of 80 acres of land, and completion of their master plan for the coming years.  

KHOI reporter Maggie Westvold, comments, in  “ Points to Ponder” about how we use the word “like” in our conversations.  

Emergency Management, Mosquitoes

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/13/2018
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Dennis Hart interviewed Keith Morgan from Story County Emergency Management about the emergency situations that Central Iowa has faced this summer, including tornadoes and flooding. He also reminded us of what we should do and have on hand to be ready for various emergencies. Gale Seiler interviewed Ryan Smith, a professor in the Department of Entomology at ISU. Dr. Smith discussed mosquitoes in Iowa and the diseases that they can transmit. By understanding the mosquito life cycle and as well as precautions to take, we can keep ourselves in good health while enjoying the outdoors in summer.  

Ames City Parks, Blue Jay, Rummage Rampage

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/10/2018
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Dennis Hart gives an update on local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Joshua Thompson, Ames Parks and Facilities Superintendent describes all of the challenges stemming from rain, tree disease, and other destruction in Ames city parks, like Emma McCarthy Lee Park, Brookside Park, and what plans they have for repairs.

Environmental reporter Pat Schlarbaum introduces the blue jay in detail.

Merry Rankin, Ames and ISU sustainability Director, describes Rummage Rampage along with some members of the team that made it happen.  


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