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Originally broadcast 04/14/2020
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Susan Gwiasda, City of Ames Public Relations Officer and Keith Abraham, Director of Ames Parks and Recreation gave a update on restrictions in Ames parks due to Covid-19 precautions.
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Big Acai: "Healthy Fast-Food," Emergency Management, and the House Finch

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/13/2020
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of the past week in Iowa news.

Josh Dingle is co-owner and manager of Big Acai, a fast food place in the “Union” building on the corner of Sheldon Avenue and Lincoln Way, in Ames. Big Acai started as a food truck in Des Moines and Dingle hopes to help build it into a national “healthy fast food” chain. It's menu features a sorbet bowl based in in Acai berry sorbet. 23 and freshly graduated from Iowa State, Josh is committed to socially conscious business practices. One of Ames’ newest arrivals on the business scene, he is starting his business career in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic. Big Acai remains open for order-on-line for pickup. Josh describes surviving the Pandemic as a business and his bigger vision, beyond. 

Keith Morgan, Story County Emergency Management Coordinator, explains how priorities are decided during crisis within pandemic conditions and how the county is addressing the possibility of bed shortages for Corona Virus patients.

KHOI Nature reporter introduces the House Finch, a small bird with a big cheerful song and a red breast. Every Spring, the House Finches return to their nest on top of the speaker over KHOI’s doorway.

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CLOVID-19: Sen. Sweeney, Decorah Eagles, Health Promotions

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/14/2019
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CLOVID-19 dominated the week's news from Ames Tribune as brought to us by Dennis Hart.  Continuing our reports from Iowa Legislators, Senator Annette Sweeney from District 25, including parts of Story and Hardin counties as well as Butler and Grundy.  She told us about the bills the committees are working on during the COVID-19 mandated legislative recess.  While many of us are sheltering indoors, it's a good time to visit the Decorah Eagle Cam as described by John Howe, director of the Raptor Resource Project.  Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer from the City of Ames, brought Andrea Cardenas, Ames Health Promotion Coordinator to update us on the local health services available.  Anna Banana (Anna Magnusson) ended our show with her "Heart to Heart" segment.  

COVID19 RESPONSE: Cy Ride, State Proclamations and Safety Equipment, Scams and Price Gouging, Financial Protections, and Tree Sap Rising

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/09/2020
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Iowa House Representative Ross Wilburn gives an update on the governor’s proclamation closing parks, testing availability, the need for protective equipment for health care providers, and alerts small businesses to an additional 20 million dollars for small businesses. Information about this can be found at the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

According to the Attorney General’s office, the COVID19 crisis is seeing more than the usual abuses. Lynn Hicks, Communications Director for Attorney General Tom Miller’s office, describes the complaints and abuses they are addressing, alerting us to various ways we need to look out for scams, price gouging, and for protecting our rights in housing, school loans, and other basic financial issues. By state proclamation, legal relief has been put in place for economic distress, freezing Payment on mortgages, rent, student loans, and other assistance. For forbearance information for students, borrowers, and parents, go here. For general information, go to the Attorney General's information page.   There is a form for filing a complaint to the Attorney General. To get help by phone, call the toll free number: 888-777-4590.

Barbara Neal, Director of CyRide, explains that their buses are being cleaning 4 times a day with a special safe and non-toxic disinfectant spray. The process can be seen on line. Fees have been waived and riders are asked to enter the bus from the backdoor to prevent contact with the driver. Social distancing is being enforced on the bus. Cy Ride

Susan Gwiasda, Ames Public Relations Officer reminds you to fill out your census form. You cando so on line.

Pat Schlarbaum, KHOI Nature reporter, reminds that Spring is happening with sap rising in the trees, some which we love to eat. 

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COVID-19 Response: We're All In This Together: All species, Immigrants, Housing

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/08/2020
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Carolyn Raffensperger started our program with a discussion about the cornoavirus crossing between species, which illustrates the importance of recognizing the inter-relatedness of all nature, and how much we rely on the nature around us.  Then Rick Exner and Nancy Heideman of the COVID-19 Fund for Immigrants  told us about a partnership of churches and civic groups concerned with the desperate situation of our immigrant neighbors.  Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames, was joined by Vanessa Baker-Latimer, Ames Housing Coordinator; to tell us about housing projects during the crisis, available programs, as well as where to get help.  (the phone numbers for both Susan and Vanessa are available by clicking their links).  

COVID-19 RESPONSE: Ames Chamber of Commerce, Energy & Young Birders

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/07/2020
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Iowa Young Birders Director Tyler Harms describes how and why they were created and  how they promote engagement with the natural world and conserevation issues by empowering young Iowans to study and enjoy birds and birding. 

Dan Culhane, Executive Director of Ames Chamber of Commerce, explains how the Chamber is adapting to help the area business community cope with the COVID-19 disaster, helping with accessing resources and support. Challenges businesses are facing are centered on closure, supply chains, the health and welfare of their employees, and their customer bases. Chamber of Commerce Resources on line. Any business, can call the Chamber of Commerce for help at 515-232-2310. You must not be a member of the Chamber.

Susan Gwiasda Public Relations Officer with Ames included Kayley Lain, Energy Services Coordinator. For online information about energy or for general energy inforamtion, call 515-239-5170. For any questions regarding bills, payment options, and rebates, call 515-239-5120. Call the City if you have concerns about paying bills. Rebates are available from the city for replacing certain energy-efficient appliances.
The Ames Skatepark is now closed. Playgrounds are closed. Trails in parks are still open
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