Books, Butterflies, Christmas Season

Originally broadcast 12/16/2020 

Cari McPartland, site administrator of the Salvation Army of Ames and Story County, told about the work of the Salvation Army as it centers around the 2020 holidays, from red kettles to food boxes and a "Toy Store" at the North Grand Mall, where people can find practical help and donated toys and books for their children.  The books are donated through Raising Readers in Story County, an extensive program throughout the county linking children 0 to 8 years old with volunteers who provide both readers and virtual experiences to develop pre-literacy.  Jerri Heid, president and Lisa Reeves, Executive Director of RRSC came to explain this institution.  Jerrie Heid, Children's Librarian at Ames Public Library  was joined by Cathy Cooney, APL Adult Services Librarian, to tell about "Reading Radio," a program airing on KHOI at noon on Wednesdays  as one of the online services provided by APL while the building is closed during COVID-19.  We closed our program with author  Rachel Mans McKenny telling us about why she wrote her new novel, “The Butterfly Effect.”

Mama Mouta Fashion Show, The First Vaccines arrive in Iowa!

Originally broadcast 12/14/2020 

Dennis Hart gives a  summary of Iowa news from the past week

Artist and ISU alum Tre Moore recently directed the production of Mama Mouta! - an online fashion show. The production, filmed and produced by Sharon Stewart and Lyndsay Nissen in Ames at Reliable Street and Lockwood Cafe, is a dramatic display of repurposed and handcrafted apparel, as well as a visual journey with theatrical  story-telling. The fashion show will premiere on December 17 at 7 PM on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tre's web site.

Keith Morgan, Story County Emergency Coordinator and Les White from Story County Public Health describe the onset of distributing COVID19 vaccines as they arrive in Iowa today.

Anna Banana brings Heart to Heart messages bringing connection and care to us all..


Immigrant Programs in Central Iowa

Originally broadcast 12/11/2020 

Susan Benner from the Covid-19 Emergency Fund for Story County Immigrants describes this emergency fund meant for Story County immigrant residents who need assistance with rent, utilities, and other basic necessities. An online application for assistance can be found here. There is also an online fundraising page for the fund.

Mr. Bill Schmitt, Resource Recovery Superintendent discusses proper flag drop off at Recovery Plant to ensure flags do not end up in the landfill. For further questions contact 515-2399-5137.   And Merry Rankin describes sustainability through municipal Programs.


Hunger, Hunters, Holidays

Originally broadcast 12/09/2020 

Leanne Harter started our show with the Story County Reportfollowed by two guests from the DNR (Department of Natural Resources), Alicia Plathe 515-725-8283 , Coordinator for the HUSH Program  (Help Us Stop Hunger) and Tyler Harms, biologistAfter discussing the issues for hunters wishing to donate their venison, we spoke with Patty Yoder, director of Food at First, 515-344-4357 one of the recipients of HUSH donations.  Just as COVID-19 has put extra pressure  on food banks, it has made it necessary to celebrate community Christmas trees in a different way this year.  We visited Story City  to share their virtual Christmas Tree lighting.


Moonlight, Wearing Masks, Art for Neighborhoods

Originally broadcast 12/04/2020 

Listen to the entire episode now! 

Today's Local Talk featured Meghan Klein-Hewitt discussing Black Lives Matter film Moonlight to air on Monday night.  City Attorney Mark Lambert discussed the Governor's proclamation to wear Covid 19 masks.  The Ames City Council will vote Tuesday night about extending mask usage guidelines until June 30, 2021. Susan Gwiasda talked about art for neighborhoods.  Humpty Dumpty will become highly prized it is believed. Anna Bananna rounded out the hour with Heart to Heart messages.


Civil Rights Achievements, Listening to Rural Citizens

Originally broadcast 12/02/2020 

Betty Andrews, initiated her first monthly feature on KHOI by discussing the Social Justice and Civil Rights achievements in 2020. Turning to politics, Al Womble, chair of the Iowa Democratic Black Caucus, told us about his plans for reaching rural Iowans as he launches his election run to head the Iowa Democratic Central Committee.  And Julia McGuire, vice-president of the Iowa Farmer's Union, described the events of the virtual online annual convention, Finding Our Fire.. December 3-5.



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