Weiss Music Collection and Jazz Party

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John Basart (host of KHOI's "Hot Jazz Review") was co-host of our tribute to Harry Weiss in honor of the Weiss family's donation of his extensive collection of CDs and records to KHOI.  In so doing, the Weiss family brough ensured that Harry's lifelong love of jazz music and passion for bringing that music, and an appreciation and understanding of jazz music, to the larger Iowa community. His son David Weiss described his father's musical enthusiasm. 

For at least 14 years, Harry and Marion Weiss and their good friends Don and Donna Newbrough sponsored a jazz party in Ames. Each year they brought in top-flight musicians and hosted the event at the Gateway Center Hotel, with 250-300 jazz fans from around the state attending each event. Donna Newbrough describe how these events began and how the Weisses and the Newbroughs collaborated to invite "the best of the best" musicians and make them feel at home in Ames. 

John Basart selected four selections to celebrate the day.

Eagles, Student Protest, Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/23/2018
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Co-hosts, Gale Seiler and Pat Schlarbaum, discussed the Dekorah eagles and what viewers of the web cam have been watching. On Friday, several hundred Ames High School students staged a walkout to call for changes to prevent gun violence and school shootings. We heard the voices of several of the speakers at the afternoon protest at Brookside Park. Allyson Walter, from the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau, provided an update on upcoming events around the area.

Prudenterra, and National School Walkout Day

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/18/2018
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Luke Gran, forester and owner of the ecological restoration company Prudenterra, brought Amy Taylor and Cecilia “CJ” Buss, a couple of students from Gilbert High School, to the KHOI studio to describe the educational project for grade school children which they have been involved in.  Then we spoke with students Thomas Delay, Grace Kim, and Liuda Ko about what Ames is doing for the National Student Walkout, to be held this Friday, April 10.  Landra Reece described the situation in Boone.  There was a general discussion of why students became involved, what they are trying to achieve, what other groups they are working with, and how they are responding to opposition.

Eagles, Mental Health, Foodies & Brew

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/16/2018
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Co-hosts, Gale Seiler and Pat Schlarbaum, spoke with John Howe, Director of the Raptor Resource Project, to get an update on the Decorah Eagles. Reporter Greta Anderson provided an interview with Neal Loes, Vice President of nursing at Mary Greeley Medical Center, about a Crisis Stabilization and Transitional Living Center that will be opening in Ames. And we heard from Cindy Hicks, Director of Main Street Cultural District, and Ryan Newstrom, the owner of Cornbread BBQ, about the upcoming Foodies & Brew event.

Sanctuary City Law, Re-Homing Pets

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/13/2018
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Dennis Hart gives a roundup of this past week’s news from the pages of the Ames Tribune and related local papers.

Last TuesdaySenate File 481, known as the ban on Sanctuary Cities, was signed into law by Governor Reynolds. Supporters say the new law will maintain public safety and uphold the rule of law, while critics argue that the new Iowa law is an anti-immigrant law that will only stoke racial fears that could fuel discrimination. Tom Ferguson, Executive Director of the Iowa County Attorney’s Association, helps explain this law and it’s effects. Included also is a statement by Rita Bettis, ACLU ofIowa

Merry Rankin, ISU and Ames Sustainability Director, Marlene Ehresman from the Iowa Wildlife Center, and Amy Yokum from Story CountyConservation talk about ways to “re-home” pets when they can no longer be kept – alternatives to setting them “free” in nature where they will not be able to survive and can cause environmental damage as well. Rummage Rampage will, this year, allow people to drop off unwanted pets and aquariums.

South Sudanese Immigrants, Safari, and Erickson Public Library

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/11/2018
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For our Story County Report today we heard from Amelia Schoeneman of the Story County Planning and Development Department describing the work of her department and giving us the monthly report of events in Story County.  In our next segment, South Sudanese Immigrants Paul Lueth, Dot Bol, and Ashok Doud, told their stories of growing up in America, sustaining family members both in the US and in Africa.  The decision to join with their cousin, Awein Majak to open Safari, a South Sudanese restaurant on South Duff in Ames, is such a family venture. Finally, Mr.Z (aka. Zack Stier) Children's Librarian at Boone's Ericson Public Library, came in to tell us about the activities he co-ordinates.  Candy Noelck came along to tell us what's coming up there for with adult and teen programs in the Boone Library.


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