Puerto Rico, Central IA Symphony, Community Solar

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Originally broadcast 10/06/2017
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Host, Gale Seiler, spoke with Megan Myers, a faculty member in the Latino/a Studies Program at ISU. Dr. Myers provided an historical perspective on the political and economic position of Puerto Rico. Students Laura Valderrama, Ashley Steen and Luis Gonzalez spoke about their family members on the island and how hurricanes Irma and Maria impacted them, as well as the difficulty of communicating with them and being uncertain of their safety.

Susan Franzen interviewed Bernard McDonald, from Simpson College, who will be guest conductor for Central Iowa Symphony's first concert of the season, Worlds Lost and Found. Susan Gwiasda, the Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames provided information on upcoming events and the Ames Community Solar Initiative.

Far Flung Iowa Festivals

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Originally broadcast 10/04/2017
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Elkader - Memoriam Festival for Emir Abdelkader September 29 - October 1 - Mayor Josh Pope and  Vice President of Elkader International Connections, Sharon Seney described the history of the relationship of this small Iowa town with the greatest hero of Algerian independence who inspired town founders to name their town for him in 1846.  This choice has led to many exchanges between Elkader, Iowa, and Mascara, Algeria, since they became official Sister Cities in 1984.  For this festival, distinguished visitors came from Algeria.  Kheira  Benkaddour, interpreter and one of the majors cooks for the Algerian buffet, gave us a personal comparison between Elkader and Mascara.
Colfax (Jasper County Fairgrounds) - TinyFest Midwest September 22-24 - Maggie Westvold and KHOI videographer Aaron O'Neill took a road trip to explore the "simple living" part of the festival.  Jay Shafer, the founder of the movement, talked about how his concept of the "tiny house" has developed since he was a student in Iowa City.  Among our most unusual interviews was with Paul Van Gorkum of GoServe Global showing the "Safety Houses" designed to provide shelter in hurricane plagued areas.  Renee McLaughlin summed up purpose and success for the Fest.   
Randall - Ragtime for Randall is celebrating its 31st year October 7 - President of the Randall Fine Arts Council, Don Brekke, described the upcoming concert and Randall's place in the world of ragtime music, followed by feature performer Daniel Souvigny.

Haunted Forest, Ames Area Studio Tours, City Issues Round-up

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Originally broadcast 10/02/2017
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Lynn Ballard,and niece Bailee Ballard, describe how the 19-year annual Ames Haunted Forest - a "family hobby"of three generations of the Ballard family - is an award-winning creative outlet for many ISU students, who express their own inner ghoul. The Haunted Forest opens this Friday, October 6, and will be open every Friday and Saturday throughout October.

Jennifer Brockpahler, director of Ames Community Arts Council, describes the Ames Area Studio Tour that will happen Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8. Maps for the tour can be picked up at KHOI and various businesses and Worldly Goods will be the information headquarters. A map can also be found on their web site (link above).

Ames At-Large City Council Woman Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen discusses current affairs of Ames.

News Roundup, Mayor Campbell, Healthiest Ames

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Originally broadcast 09/29/2017
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Dennis Hart did his weekly roundup of news from Ames and the surrounding towns. We also heard excerpts from an address by out-going Mayor Anne Campbell, as she reflected on her years as Mayor and being a woman in politics. Host, Gale Seiler, spoke with Cheryl Langston from Healthiest Ames about the Open Streets event that they are sponsoring on Sunday, from 1 to 4 pm in downtown Ames.

YesterBoone, Saving Brinton, Quervo

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Originally broadcast 09/27/2017
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Mara MacKay, executive director of the Boone County Historical Society, came in to tell us about a new event YesterBoone, which has as its purpose turning all of Boone into a living history museum for the weekend of September 29 - October 1. Two guests, Mike Zahn and John Richard, told us the story behind the documentary, "Saving Brinton," showing tonight at Benton Audiorium and the ISU Center in Ames. We closed out our show with Evan Taylor's preview of the next Pantorium Session (9/28) as Jose Quervo, an original musical artist, described his work.Dennis Hart provided his weekly news roundup for Ames and the surrounding area. 

Safe Neighborhoods Team, Green Dot, AHS Business Collaborative, Events and Conferences in Ames

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Originally broadcast 09/25/2017
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Weekly regional news roundup from the pages of the Iowa Informer.
Sergeant Derrick Grooters of the Ames Safe Neighborhoods Team describes how this designated police team was created to build positive relationships and neighborhood safety.
Jazzmine Brooks, ISU Sexual Misconduct Prevention Coordinator, and Mark Rowe Barth, ISU Director of Student Wellness, explain the Green Dot Program that ISU will roll out on September 27, an innovative, culture-changing new program to reduce sexual assault by educating bystanders on how to respond with help.
Brenda Dryer from Ames Chamber of Commerce introduces Vicki Hales, business teacher and supervisor of the Business Engagement Collaborative at Ames High School, part of the Chamber's k-12 engagement in Story County. With them, were Kevin Maxwell and Tyler Postma, two high school students who are participating in the business training program.

From the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau, Allyson Walter, Member and Visitor Services Manager and Julie Keiffer, COnference and Events Manager, describe how the Bureau helps bring conventions and events to our area and how they assist any group that wishes to plan something themselves.

Find out how to enjoy our area in October with upcoming events and things to do.


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