StoryBooks Read by Ames Police on KHOI, Trimming Your Hair at Home, Osprey Bird-Cam

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/27/2020
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On Fridays at noon, Ames Police CommunityResource Officer Kruger now reads children’s books on KHOI. Officer Kruger introduces himself and explains how the Ames Police Force is actively finding ways to put an approachable and human face on the police force, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. He tells us that his own children pick the books he should read on the air but feel he should “stop reading storybooks and get back to work!”

Pat Schlarbaum, KHOI naturalist and Local Talk host, reports on a pair of Ospreys who are nesting next to Wells Fargo Bank in DesMoines. There is a bird-cam for watching their progress.

Morgan Feltner, owner of the organic hair salon, Wild-Root, located in Nevada, gives tips on how to cut hair yourself for a spruce-up in the absence of professional hair appointments. Morgan also explains why she specializes in organic hair products and explains how she and other local businesses are offering gift certificates to buy now for future use, to help tide businesses over while they are closed.

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Earth Day, Your Input Sought for Spending Extra CARE Funds for Ames, Small Business During Covid-19

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/23/2020
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Naturalists Pat Schlarbaum, Mike Havlick, John Stavers, and Chris Atkins discuss the history and meaning of Earth Day.  

Stacey Dryer Associate State Director at Iowa SmallBusiness Development Center, the business-consulting branch of the Small Business Administration, describes how they are counseling small businesses, funding they are accessing and the future of funding support for small businesses suffering losses from the Covid-19 crisis, and ways to support small business as customers.

Vanessa Baker-Latimer, Housing Coordinator with Planning& Housing Department; Ames received more than $350,000 in additional funding as part of its annual Community Development Block Grant funds. Vanessa is taking public comments on eligible activities the community would like to see funded, anywhere from money for testing, clinics, education, to support for individuals to help with rent and utilities. To give input, write to Vanessa at or call hotline 515-239-5380.

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COVID-19 Response: Webster City, Ballard, ECO Fair


Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/22/2020
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After an inspirational Earth Day message from Carolyn Raffensperger, we took a ZOOM road trip to revisit towns from our listening are we haven't heard from recently.  First we spoke with Kathy Vaughn, the new director of All Cultures Equal in Webster City.  We learned how COVID-19 has affected the food supply and businesses of the town -- from community gardens at ACE, to restaurants, to food pantries, and restaurants providing take-out orders. Moving to south Story County, we spoke with Ottie Maxie the superintendent of the Ballard Community School District about their unique efforts during the school closures to meet the educational and nutritional needs of students in the towns of Cambridge, Huxley, Kelley, and Slater, as well as the rural areas around them. Pat Schlarbaum ended the Earth Day Program with a preview of the KHOI broadcast of the ECO Fair as well as news of the 2020 ECO Scavanger Hunt


Restaurants Are Open! Help: Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse, Resource Recovery Plant

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/16/2020
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Dan Culhane, President and CEO of the Ames Chamber of Commerce, reports that most restaurants in Ames continue to do business via take-outs and delivery. He encourages patrons to tip well to help servers cope with lowered business volume and tip income and support our local eating establishments. No indications have occurred that any local restaurants are planning to close.

Tess Cody, Executive Director of ACCESS (Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support) discusses help for those experiencing sexual assault and domestic violence during the Covid-19 crisis. ACCESS services are available, the shelter is open, and remote online counseling services are available.

24/7 Hotline for sexual abuse: 800-203-3488
24/7 Hotline for domestic abuse or violence: 855-983-4641

Bill Schmitt Supervisor for the Ames Resource recovery Plant reports that the walk-in service is closed and alterations to the plant's operations during Covid-19 crisis. As of the first of April, the City's Food Waste Diversion Program has waived any feeds and is allowing people to drop off their food waste into an outside dumpster at 110 Center Ave - North side of the building,(rolling bin with orange cover). There is also a bin for recycling glass. Other sites for dropping off glass are at HyVee gas station and Fairway parking lot (soon). Please hold on to hazardous materials at home. They are currently not being accepted by the Resource Recovery Plant until after the Covid-19 crisis.  No-charge waste Day has been postponed due to the crisis. Check the web site for announcements. Also he requests that residents cut down on waste and think about saving objects to sell at Rummage Rampage. And to not thrown away  batteries; drop them off at the Recovery Plant. Best Buy also has a drop off for batteries.

According to Susan Gwiasda, Ames Public Relations Office, there is still concern about people in the area not practicing to social distancing to help flatten the disease's curve in our area. The rule is: 1) groups of people with less than 10 people 2) distance of 6 feet or more between people. The City of Ames accepts and follows up on reports of failure to comply. To file a complaint call 515-239-5670 or email .

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COVID-19 Response: Bears, Nevada, Extension

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/15/2020
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Carolyn Raffensperger and Pat Schlarbaum began our program with a reflection on loss, something we are all thinking about amid the disruption of CLOVID-19.   After Pat's phenology on bears in Iowa, we visited with Henry Corbin, the new executive director of Main Street Nevadawho also maintains online communication at the City of Nevada  webpage.  First on our agenda was the report of the Nevada Bear Hunt and other examples of how one small town is coping with closed schools, main street businesses, and social distancing.  John Lawrence, vice president of Iowa Extension and Outreach, celebrated the centennial of Extension, concluding with the ways it is continuing to serve the people of Iowa during the COVID-19 crisis. He also left us with a list of hotlines and answer lines


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