Dance Party Preview

Originally broadcast 12/30/2020 

In deference to Tuesday's snow, we started the show with New Year's Eve snow stories. Then, reflecting concerns over the effect of the COVID relief bill that Congress just passed, we checked in with Mark Jackson, City Administrator of Story City, who gave us the good news that forethought and careful planning, plus incentives for shopping local, had resulted in a healthy Christmas economy with no stores closing in Story City.  In the spirit of adaptation, we then filled in the features of KHOI's virtual dance party "2020 Begone."  Carole Horowitz introduced the Family Activities starting with the Ames Children's Choirs and concluding with Cynthia McClure's "Toy Box" of novelty songs from 5 to 8 p.m., Meredith Francom described how the ZOOMWAY Maskerade from 8- 8:30, and Michael Murphy introduced the DJ's who'll take us to 1 p.m.

Lights, Cupboards and Pantries, Wearable Designs

Originally broadcast 12/23/2020 

Focusing on an old organization (Nevada Masonic Lodge No.99 established 1857) starting a new tradition, a Christmas Lights Contest.   Josh Vaughn, Junior Warden, and Joe Wakeman, secretary of the lodge, described the history and future plans.  Turning from lights to loving our neighbors, we heard from Gil Peterson, just retiring from managing the Nevada Community Cupboard, as well as his co-volunteer Ron Weber.  Another story of someone who saw a need and started an organization to address it is Jeriann McLaughlin, recently retired teacher from Ballard High School, who has brought the Ballard Clothes Pantry into being in 1994.

Ending on an imaginative note, our last guests, Nathan Edwards and Rachel Moylan introduced the virtual ISU "Wearable Design Show" to a viewing audience online.  It will start on December 21 and expand each day through December 30. (See more on FACEBOOK CollegeofDesign).

Local Talks

Originally broadcast 12/22/2020 

Dan Culhan, President and Chief Executive Director of Ames Chamber of Commerce discusses how local businesses are fairing this holiday season, the limitations imposed by the pandemic affected local businesses and shared some examples of innovative ways that have helped businesses cope. He also discusses the Revitalization Grant: the City of Ames is considering an aquatic center; discussed the ways businesses are attempting to take advantage of this opportunity.

Erica Place, Outreach Coordinator for Story County Conservation reviews their activities during the holiday season. Outdoor opportunities include ice fishing, ski/snow shoeing, and winter hikes and gives an update on the photography contest.

Wolf Osterreicht, from Friends of Ada Hayden Park shares observations of winter wildlife at  Ada Hayden Heritage Park and gives Trumpeter Swan numbers.  He also describes the annual Christmas bird count: its history, what is involved, where are they conducted, and what data is collected and shared. He re[orts on unusual sightings.

Paid Leave, The Price of Pharmaceuticals the Cardinal, & Healing Stones

Originally broadcast 12/21/2020 

Listen to the entire episode now! 

Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news from this past week.

Susan Dinsdale, Executive Director of Iowa Citizens Action Network, a  grassroots public interest organization working with individuals, communities, and organizations in Iowa and nationally, for social change and a progressive vision. Susan describes two campaigns ICAN was addressing prior to the pandemic, that have gained even more importance with the onset of Covid-19: the Paid Leave for All campaign - calling for regulations and federal support for paid leave for workers, when necessary,  and the Lower Drug Prices Now Coalition - raising awareness and  combating the rising cost of prescription drugs. 

KHOI naturalist Pat Schlarbaum re-introduces us to that reddest of brds - our cardinal!

Julia, who works at Transform Gift shop on Fridays, gives a minitutprial on stones and crystals and explains why relating to these beautiful stones is meaningful to her.

Anna Banana's Heart toHeart message is about authenticity.

State Politics, the Caucuses, Vaccines and THE AUCTION

Originally broadcast 12/17/2020 

Political organizer Evan Berger discusses the findings of the investigation into what caused the inability of the Iowa Democratic Party to produce timely and possibly accurate results last February on 2020 Caucus Night. The findings of the study were released last Saturday. Berger, a Slater resident who served as the caucus director for the Bernie campaign in 2020 and on the 2016 Iowa Democratic Party Caucus Review Committee, published an op-ed piece in the Des Moines Register calling for simplification of the caucus process and switching to using the popular vote instead of the current complex system of calculations.  

Laura Belin, author of Bleeding Heartland, a community blog about Iowa politics,  gives us a preview of what to look for and what to expect from the Iowa legislature in the coming year.

Susan Gwiasda, Ames Public Relations Officer and Rich Higgins, Ames Fire Chief and City of Ames COVID coordinator, give an update on Story County numbers of COVID-positive residents. Higgins reports that the numbers have dropped slightly from 14% to 10.5 % in Story County due to citizen cooperation with safety procedures. Higgins also gives a preliminary report on vaccine dissemination in Story County. The vaccines are expected to arrive today.

Stephanie Bates, KHOI producer and jewelry-maker who has volunteered to help build the KHOI Holiday GiftAuction describes her favorite item: Moritz the designer Teddy Bear made by the late Steve Schutt, who was an internationally acclaimed leader in Teddy Bear artistry. To see Moritz and the many other beautiful gifts in the auction, go here. The auction ends today, December 17, at 10 PM. 


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